Spicy BBQ Chicken Marinade

Spicy BBQ Chicken Marinade
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It’s an ideal time to throw stuff on the barbecue which is a great American tradition of course an ideal time also for me to introduce you to the spicy BBQ poultry marinade and extremely simple marinade which consists of four simple spices so we have cayenne right here we have turmeric paprika and black pepper those are the basic ingredients now as a a definition of a marinade is something that is a liquid where you emerge different ingredients so that the liquid absorbs into whatever you’re cooking barbecuing etc
In this case we have soy sauce right here now of course if you’re sensitive to gluten you can always use tomorrow but if you’re sensitive to soy sauce will have put in in this for this recipe or you’re out of luck we’re going to add to the soy sauce some lemon juice and then of course our basic ingredients which is cayenne turmeric paprika and black pepper now those are the basic ingredients and by itself
these ingredients just fabulous for a poultry marinade to this i’m going to
add some optional ingredients and that is some chili oil and some garlic put
these over here
there we have it
I’m going to stir this up make sure all the ingredients are mixed into the soy
sauce and lemon juice
now ideally you want to mix this marinade and after we introduce the
poultry to it
you want to let it marinate for about what overnight ideally or a minimum of
three to four hours really now the poultry
we have here we have some chicken thighs some chicken legs and one of my
this is a game hand this is a Cornish game hen now i’m going to share
something with you as you can see I’ve made some shallow slits in the flash
here now never to the bone
because that will dry up the meat ok so we’re going to suspend this in the
marinade like so it’s all in there and I’m going to turn it over now what I like to do is once I turn this over a few times

make sure it’s all coded I’d like to leave this skin side up not like to spoon it spoon the marinade over the flash here ok
and if you have the opportunity it will be ideal if you could halfway through
the marinating . if its overnight just go in the refrigerator and turn this
over and spoon some more of this delicious stuff there
now you don’t need
now you don’t need to add salt to this I want to explain some of the spices and
ingredients to you the additional ingredients which is the soy sauce now
this always always provides the saltiness the the lemon provides the
Todd and then we have the Cayenne which gives it a nice bite the paprika
provides a nice smoky flavour
turmeric adds color and flavor and of course the black pepper is a peppery
you know pepper and cayenne don’t actually conflict there even though they
are pungent there a little bit spicy so to speak
they do have their distinct flavors so we’re going to place this in the
refrigerator and marinated i do overnight but if you get up in the
morning and feel like doing something on the Bobby in the afternoon
that should suffice this is an extremely simple marinade and I’m sure you’re
going to really enjoy
so let’s go throw this on the barbecue so i’m not an expert on BBQ but I do
know a couple of things and one thing is as we play this by ear
right on the charcoal side is to have the skin side up first
we are beautiful summer but three thighs here on one side
and on the other side i’m going to place the Cornish game hand and then the legs
now I generally don’t brush this with any of the marinades or any of the
marinade because this is marinated well enough so that place it on there and
then I’m gonna cover it up
open the vent and let it cook there we have it
this is the result of this spicy Tom a spicy BBQ poultry marinade the college
game hand the chicken drumsticks and thighs they look absolutely fabulous and
believe me it really is a delicious and simple marinade to use when you prepare
poultry we accompany this with some pics salsa picante of simply thrown together
tomatoes onions cilantro salt pepper and some lime juice and some tortillas
I hope you enjoyed this presentation I’m sure you will enjoy the marinade
I’m due next September ami for the complete recipe please to
visit the spicy gamma dot com you can click on recipe videos where you’ll find
the video as well as the recipe
I’ll wish you a wonderful spring and summer and if you’re south of the
Equator cuddle up and enjoy the winter until the next time I’m –
the spacing on me thank you for joining me Cheers