Top BBQ tips and tricks for experts and beginners

Our BBQ savvy have collected the best BBQ tips list to make your BBQ perfect, if you have more tips – please add it in the comments

How to steadying your Kabobs?

You probably know the problem that kabob ingredients usually do not obey when you try to flip them and they keep spinning on the skewer.
There is a solution!
Spear your kabobs on two skewers. The extra one also decreases the chance of meat or vegetables breaking free and falling into the charcoals.

How to fight BBQ  fire flares?

FAT is the number one enemy of your BBQ fire, so if you start cooking your fatty food first, you are probably going to lose your fire quickly. So, start to BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers and end your fest with steaks.
For fatty meat like ribs it’s best to either trim or cook them on the hotplate and finish them off on the grill.

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Which are the best charcoals

The best charcoals are made of citrons trees or olives trees. Beside that, it is highly recommended to add some rosemary leaves to create the right aroma.

How not to burn your skewers?

Wooden skewers tend to burn, our trick is to soak them in water before spearing them to the meat

How to clean the BBQ grate with oil and onion?

A trick an Israeli friend has told me – if you do not want to clean your BBQ with “chemicals” you can use a natural eradicator – an onion. dip an onion in oil and rub the grill grates. .the natural acid cleans the grill or adds flavor to the meats. and you can watch the video.

My Kebab is too dry – what to do?”