How to Grill a Good Steak by Chef Robert Del Grande

How do you grill a good steak?

I get this question all the time

it’s really just a simple one two three step process so well let’s make it four step process the first one is by a good steak I have a nice little 14-ounce rib eye you can see that the beautiful steak a little bit of rich cat be on the outside that Malloy me on the inside really good-looking with a mistake so then right before you you grill it usually good let it come to room

temperature we can put sometimes not too much it’s a little bit of olive oil on it will help it so it doesn’t stick you just kind of rub it with olive oil all of what love the beach then not ahead of time but right before you grill it then rub a little salt and a tiny bit of pepper into it the reason why i say not too far ahead is that salt will try to draw some liquid to the surface of the meat and it won’t Brown as well so here’s again the

key to really good stay here is our wood fire i’m going to take a look at this is where you get a lot of heat you got those old wood logs burning you get way up there six seven eight 100 degrees very very hot and we build a fire towards the back so that the hottest part of the back wall of the fire and the front is not

nearly as hot so when you like a good fire then you don’t people something to talk about a very even heat it’s better to have an uneven heat so very hot of the back and a cooler towards the front just started out hot so i will go to that back part of the fire or it’s the hottest you can usually hear it

when it goes on the grill and what that’s doing is just driving the heat and the and the juices towards the center of the state and in this stage one of the hot fire you always have to keep your eye on don’t run back in the house and come back at it could be it could be overdone this is probably a thousand degrees right now you have to be patient we got a little good mark on it

and across it to that we can kind of distribute distribute the bar marks on it but you can see how hot it is that whole outside the state is to give me taste and see so that the juicer going they used to say sear the steak

the seal in the juices you not see the menu driving them away from the surface think we’re getting a good sear on it and see a foot back for a second how beautiful that is Farmar just toasted almost kind of crunchy wait to meet you bad it is serious

very soon be outside and there’s no sign of juice everything was closed to be driven into the meat thing to remember is that water like juices will always move away from the heat up the expand and move away from where the heat source resources you have to think that this is going towards the center but if we let it go too long of that high you will overheat the juices and

i’ll ask you to turn into boarding with the community overcooked inside we really this is just like when the light turns green step on the gas and it’s just to get it kind of don’t get that momentum momentum working people like to base their steaks and I do to it to be quite nice

I usually avoided this part because the fire so hot anything that drips into the fire will catch fire and flame up once you start getting a flame up it will pull more of the fat out of the meeting and more claim up to get it shark

don’t taste too so I think now we see here this you both sides with a beautifully seared a mistake is still very rare we’re all going on then what we do is the way you think about is we are going to pull it at this

point back to of course part of the fire you can almost see how much smoke is they’re just old fullback they have much less as much more to the story at this point if you’d like this is a little bit of butter you can base the steak at this point because when it drips in the fire won’t

get that far back level of so when you’re cooking steaks whether you like it rare well done you want to think about that the same way a rare steak is generally cooked very very hot is it doesn’t have to go in

very far when you’re cooking medium rare it takes a little more times you gotta slow it down even more slowly like a well done steak that’s been really pull it back and let it just took a long time slowly filled with juice here and much more tender it’s a little counterintuitive some people think oh well done to be harder and longer you’ll just be drive

you see here like a rare steak and for the edge of the fire and it was like slowly finish out you tell at the stake begins to cook more it has more resistance to when it’s raw so she touch them feel that that state starts to tighten up so this . now I’m kind of looking for medium rare I’ll put way to the edge of

the fire so underneath the meat there’s no wood burning at all so we can go very very slowly you see how golden brown testing ground is inside i’ll still be really really now it’s just like I saw the stop sign coming up I took my foot off the gas way ahead

left and stakes of this clean until it’s just done for those juices kind of come to the middle but slow down just enough so they just meet at the center its rosy pink still be juicing not is cooked to all the I think this steak is it was medium rare I’ll tell you one of the little trick that

use even a medium rare has no juice on top once it gets to medium because the juice have gone all the way through it will start to beat up some juice on the surface so you actually see them it sort of tells you that the state just get all the way to go

then those juices will begin to drop in the fire and you’ll hear the incisions and so we have the same that you can usually here take this overcook it produces dropping – listen sometime when you hear that those things rock and you

and sound it’s medium or more you see our beautiful steak there and that comes from that pot would fire 5,000 degrees hot burning up we have that you for human the wood

salt and pepper disgusting inside will be Justin so you gotta remember to one that’s taking up there really really hot fire those juices are still hot inside and they’re sort of moving around so it’s good to get the steak you know five or ten minutes just to cool down with those juices settles will be really really tender

otherwise if you were to cut it the juice run out all over the plate when he wants the juice in the first place inside the meat so I have let this one cool down a little bit and we should see if we carve it should be viewed with the rosy pink on the inside look at that Oh Arctic you have to rebuy just so you can see how kind of tender and creamy and looks those pieces see how even is all the way through because that’s how

gently now gently it cook I don’t I would definitely not be unhappy with this thing it is just George’s need at home sometimes I cook a big thick one and cut into multiple pieces and you get a great look that so weird on the outside and pink all the way through but that’s the best of three points super hot to see to sear it and lower

the heat blood go partially through and then very soft in the end so that finishes rosy pink let it relax a few minutes before you cut into it to the juices those juices can settle mistake is a nice really nice medium-rare you can see by the red rose – all we have to do for medium is leaving at the edge of the five for another 3-4 minutes and it will slowly go to medium leave for another 48

minutes it will be meeting well on the slow heat for 5 to 10 minutes very slowly going to be well well done all the people be gone but it will still be juicing because we finished up slow that it kind of come to have a nice nice stuff we didn’t drive the juices right out of it I’m a big revive man we buy great be that RPG and this rib eye steaks from the menu for the last last 20 years is one of my  favourites we have it every night and got big and thick girl like this really really good we also have great New York’s – and great place to the overall like beef I like looking over that big wood fire really tasty this is very very good

Finally if you this is the link if you what to know how much food is needed for your bbq per person. enjoy and have a tasty BBQ