Jamie Oliver on preventing burnt BBQ food

Jamie Oliver on preventing burnt BBQ food
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How to stop burning on the barbecue that is a massive wide open question and of course burning things and not cooking them properly a kind of they have a relationship together

So it’s all about heat control so before we get on to he control with the gas barbecue obviously you’ve got different elements of control hi lo a faded approach that we have here we’ve got the hot plate and all of these can be used to help you so

for me personally even if you’re flat out on all these gases you have the hot element which is these to third parties here at the back and then a cooler panel at the front that is always the case so you’re grilling at the back and then you bring it to the front just to kind of chill out a little bit and just sort of take a little bit more time at the

front but of course you can control the temperature so you can have a really hot panel and a medium panel and a call panel so this is cool you can work from left to right or right to left and then bring it to the front so that’s very cool once you got to the front you can even go up to the rack here as well

the other thing to think about is fat natural fat or added fat so if we’re talking about natural fat see here on this piece of beef you know you got fat in here and that’s naturally going to render and when that hits fire is going to flare up is going to fly him up and the kind of smokes good but flame ain’t so good so you really want to reduce that you can reduce that by moving the meat you

can reduce that by trimming off some of the fat or you can reduce that by just having a little sprinter like a little flower spritzer and just keep him flame down and he control in general not having it too hot so it’s coming out too quick with added fat it’s things like vegetables I just can’t think of one reason why you apply fat to vegetables in grilling we always go on dry always we let the kind of nutty natural flavors come out

and then we dress in beautiful oils afterwards so there’s no real reason to kind of put painted oil all over aubergine courgettes and fennel and veggies just grill it dry ok so that’s going to really help flare ups and burning on the veg and really it’s kind of just getting to know the kit I mean this is a direct grill BBQ at the same time if you put the

sit down and use a thermometer that’s right here you’ve got an oven and sometimes i get a little wire rack and some wood chips and i just put it on a hot part and i put that on and turn all of this off and then the chip start to smoke I put the lid down and you’ve got an oven and a smoker so this piece of equipment is as simple or as complex as you want to make it so

they go guys really basic information but so important when you want to BBQ beautifully knowing your equipment controlling the heat kind of just understanding what it’s doing to the food remain in focus and you’re going to get some amazing amazing barbecue so guys if you want more information head over to JamieOliverBBQ.com

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