Host a BBQ Bash Like Cat Cora | Best Chef Secrets

Host a BBQ Bash Like Cat Cora | Best Chef Secrets
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Cat Cora is here today putting together an outdoor dinner party for eight of her
friends and we get to learn the tips and tricks to creating a beautiful backyard
hey god Brandi how are you good
and this looks beautiful it’s fine oh my gosh so fun so let’s talk about
barbecuing this is your thing
I’m from Mississippi girl tell us about some of the mistakes that people make
when they are creating a BBQ
well i would say the top three really are that people get the grill too hot
you know with a gas grill or butane you don’t need more than about 10 minutes to
preheat it but I think being impatient with your food and the worst believe me
because i’m always used to that Iron Chef mentality
so it’s really about slowing down let your meat cook
don’t poke and prod it because the g losses juices and I think really it’s
about marinating your meats long enough yeah it sounds like all of that goes
back to preparing a couple days in advance and doing what you want to do so
let’s talk about today what is the first thing that you think about when you’re
creating the ultimate backyard barbecue
well the first thing I think about is one of my thing I mean I really you know
that helps me prepare any party is really coming up with a theme and
sometimes the theme is just you know organic sustainable all-natural
farm-to-table yeah sometimes simple is best
all right cat so what is today’s theme well i’m going to Mediterranean theme
yeah and i love how your influence your Greek influence kind of plays into the
menu choices that you have but you know barbecue is so Universal I mean even
though I’m from Mississippi i have a greek-american background and so when I
go to Greece and visit my family we BBQ there so it really is something that has
done all over the world
let’s talk about the menu that you’ve chosen for today what are some of the
meats we’re going to be learning how to make i’m going to be doing this
beautiful chicken that’s got this great rub on it and i’m going to be doing a
back beef which is with the same rub but i’ll be doing a chimichurri sauce with
that and skewered shrimp with a fancy sauce which is a Greek yogurt sauce with
cucumber and mint I’m gonna be doing a great rub on all of those it’s four
ingredients so simple it’s dried orange zest chilli powder salt and cracked
I like that so there’s plenty of variety for everyone three different types of
needs now what about sides under this fantastic salt roasted beet salad with a
tantrum vinaigrette which is off the hook I’m doing grilled moscato with three toppings I’m gonna be doing my own
olives and tapenades on the side and then i’m gonna be doing my white peach
sangria oh great so it sounds like when you’re creating the ultimate BBQ is really about preparation so what are some of the things that you can do a couple of days in advance well a couple of days ahead obviously you start making your menu you think about your fame you create your menu then you can start actually preparing things that you can do ahead of time for instance you can make your sauce as a day ahead you can marinate your meats for sure our day ahead and there’s always tastes better and kind of if you’ve done them a couple days before I exactly the things like that you know even your sangria you could even start prepping ahead day
ahead you know with some of the fruits and things
so there’s several things you can get started a day ahead or two days ahead so
what about the day of or the morning of when you’re getting ready for your
guests to ride with a lot of things that I like to do the morning of it I like to
get my platters I definitely did my tablescape and I get my platters out and
I actually put little post-its on what is going on what that suggests in case
you know Jennifer jumps in our friend jumps in to help me they know where everything goes
you know getting your bread ready to grill getting all of the top and odds
and and the toppings made for your bruschetta and then you’re putting your
you know you want your sangria to really get good so the fruits yet labourers ya
get all those flavors in there and get that ready to get into your star of the
table should be done as fresh as possible
those are the things meat and bread when your guests show up you can start
grilling nose so Kat how do you decide how much food to prepare today I know
you’re serving eight of your friends but you know you don’t want eight servings
of every single thing right
I think you know with a cut-up chicken you think about a piece per person
you know maybe even a piece and a half because it’s okay to have a little bit
left over
I was ya weekend leftover have four guys we love leftovers in my house so I don’t
mind making a little extra a matter of fact it’s great for chicken sandwiches
for the kids the next day so I don’t mind making a little bit extra but at
least a portion of a half of everything person so cat let’s talk about this
gorgeous tablescape starting with these beautiful bowls on these lovely I got
these because they remind me so much of the Greek island and they remind me of
the Mediterranean in general these are great because our outdoor friendly sort
of hard plastic you have to worry about it breaking and getting in the pool or
what happy those balls are so stunning and you can find them at williams-sonoma
and then of course i love these you know anything that I could put in an old
mason jar right
fantastic so these are kind of this blue tinted look with them the great for
holding silverware is put in a wicker basket on the table to put those in and
then you know glass always works black and white china and you can see it then
yeah you can see the food prepared you know why China is a great too because
that’s really makes your food pop you want the food to shine you know that has
to be the star so that’s why i chose glass and this is great because it’s
kind of a pedestal look you can just take a ball tip it over upside down and
put the ball just to give everything hi it’s really like about creating texture
and food you got to create texture on the table i love also did family-style
everybody could just serve themselves get what they want and then sit down and
then they come back for seconds if they want
perfect and they always do that and they will always do and hopefully
ok let’s talk about his gorgeous bar cart that you’ve decorated and I can’t
wait to make your sangria and your other spritzer
tell us about the importance of having something like this setup in your
well I think it’s always fun to set up a separate little bar area for people with
alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks for everyone is setting up some glasses fun
straws if you’re having kids or the big kids as well just to make it fun
separate from the dinner table and people can just come over here and help
Kat this looks so stunning now that we have everything displayed at what are
some of the final touches that you’re going to do well definitely with the
beef tenderloin
what i’ve done is i’ve put this actually finish it on a Himalayan salt block
which is really nice it gives it a little saltiness
but then i’m just gonna top it with a little the chimichurri just across
across it like that so people can go and grab a piece but they can also get a
little bit more sauce so what I’ll do is I’ll just leave it there and it looks so
fantastic especially displayed on the Himalayan salt block which you can get
at williams-sonoma
right exactly nice touch and then on the shrimp
I do the lighter sauce which I was talking about the Z key sauce which is
the cucumber yogurt and i also put this over brown rice the shrimp so that just
gives it a little healthy touch to it and I like brown rice it goes really
well with this is easy sauce and wrap the dead amount of water anything a
little drizzle over the shrimp and then a few brandy can grab the BBQ sauce and
finish the CQ sauce on the chicken just give it a little Glade oh yeah
again we set out want more which they always do which they will that cck is
addicting a little bit of sauce on that just to give it a little bit of a
I love it this is so beautiful there’s so much variety so we have our fantastic
side over here this beet salad fresh seasonal tart over here the olive
tapenade which is a really nice platter and nice for you guys to kind of pick
and choose before they get to the on days and then our brew shadow with three
yes and then of course great drinks of fresh fruit spritzer and a white peach
this is gorgeous this literally looks like it was taken out of a magazine cat
you’re such a great host
thank you Brandi this is a fantastic spread and this is the way to do in the
summertime this is perfect especially as we approach grilling season for all you
people at home that are used to just crawling with hot dogs and burgers step
it up a little bit
don’t cat Cora’s way c CQ it try to incorporate some of these tips that we
share with you today and for more be sure to check out our other videos so
you can learn how to make these delicious sides
how to master the grill like a pro
and cat again thank you so much for being here right being here thank you
thank you and thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time on PopSugar