BBQ marinades – the best tips for best marinades

BBQ marinades – the best tips for best marinades
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4 secrets to invent your own BBQ marinades

How to make the best BBQ marinades?

If you want to make a perfect BBQ marinades you should remember that it must contain 4 elements: Salt, Oil, Spices, and Acid.chicken nibbles marinade jamie oliver

If you need a tooltip for remembering try the acronym SOSA and make your own winning marinades

S is for Salt. Salt is probably the most significant ingredient, mainly cause it is a crucial component that can penetrate  the meat and add in other flavor components. Soy sauce may be an excellent alternative of salt.

O is for oil. The oils are used in BBQ marinades, due to the fact that most herbs and spices can not be soluble in water, so, oils are required to release their aromatics and flavors. Furthermore, all the oil rubs on the meet’s surface helps its browning and crisping. Do not use olive oil for the marinade because it freezes at refrigerator temperature. Corn  oil and peanut oil are excellent for marinades since they do not have much flavor and actually help the herbs flavor to dominate .

S is for seasoning. Typical flavors include herbs and spices such as oregano, thyme, cumin, paprika, garlic, onion powder, and even vegetables like onion and jalapeno. It is a good idea to add some umami. This is the flavor of tasty meat glutamates found in stocks of meat, soy sauce and mushrooms. It is also a good idea to add a bit of sugar. It helps to brown the surface, but go easy, too much will burn the surface.

A is the acid. Acid role is to break the proteins. Typical acids are fruit juices, vinegar  and even sugar free soft drinks. But acids should be used wisely, not more than 1/8 of the mixture, and only for their flavor.

Other Marinades tips

1. Put it in the fridge – Marinades and meat MUST stays in cold conditions

2. No alcohol – many people like to use wine,beer and liqueurs in thier marinades, but it is a very bad idea. Alcohol fires the meat and burns is – if you want to use wine – boil it before you put in the marinade so alcohol can evaporate

3. Put the marinade Only in glassware,porcelain or zipped nylon bag (preferred). if you put it in aluminium, metal, iron bowl the Acid reacts with it and this is something you surely do not want. The best trick is to put the meat and marinade in a bag, squeeze the air out and make the marinade cover the meat and put in your fridge.

4.  Thin chunks are better for marinades

5.  Fresh pineapple, papaya, and ginger have enzymes that tenderize meat. It’s called Papain,  These enzyme works fast. Within 30 to 60 minutes the meat is ready for the grill.

6. Money saving trick – BBQ sauces are NOT marinades – they are too thick and cannot penetrate the meat- if you use them you will get burnt sauce

7. Fresh meat is the a favorite place germs, so do not heat your marinades and then cool it off (as many recipes says) – this is a sure bet to get unwanted microbes

If you have more BBQ Marinade tips – please add in the comments section