Hog Ribs with BBQ Loin – Chef Gordon Ramsay

Hog Ribs with BBQ Loin – Chef Gordon Ramsay
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right hog shot tongues skins butchered the ribs

the line and it’s amazing that will fill it here I’m putting the ribs in a fragrance stock onions close garlic and chili very nice color a large table spoon of smarter puree as that cooks start to tenderize the ribs boil for 20 minutes this is the line that is the rolls-royce of the hog that’s the little Philip tender delicious actually that raw having

removed the skin sliced a tenderloin and the fill it into medallions i’m making a marinade for the meat with olive oil salt pepper lime juice and chili powder the marinade will tenderize the hog to me not eating butter next the BBQ sauce for the ribs start off trillion by the onion and add molasses molasses and really nice sort of dark sugar syrup

I get the body to the BBQ sauce a couple of tablespoons of mustard chili sources and cider vinegar when you sat down not too rich out there is the right consistency rush to meet with the BBQ source and grill literally fell five forty seconds on the line 12 minutes on the ribs yeah

lost the meat rests a coleslaw not too much my name is nothing worse than a call so we can identify what’s in here he must have cultural and I slice the line a couple of beautiful lips that most amazing hot grips with a barbecued Lloyd only now some hungry tummies where are you guys gentlemen are we it was good thinking to get to get very good very good very good

as they say in the UK put more pork on your fork yeah outstanding