BBQ vegetables by Jamie Oliver

BBQ vegetables by Jamie Oliver
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We have a BBQ and that’s what it’s like to be British you have to make the best of all things in life including rain and charcoal ok little lesson people often I’ve noticed the hideous things with grilled vegetables and it

tastes horrible and i want it tastes disgusting that that ok first things first never ever ever in my personal opinion of us in a good reason to brush any page with oil before you great don’t do it try and use charcoal or wood that flavor and you when you dry grill you create this new flavor which is a nuttiness and then when that thing whatever is asparagus peppers chilis obviously the peppers were blackening and we’ll peel the courgettes asparagus

aubergine onions fennel you know we once you’ve charmed them up you don’t have to cook the massively I’m just gonna you can even cook them on one side and what you do is as soon as they come off you kiss them with quality extra virgin olive oil corn oil gets no oil gets cooked ever so lovely quality olive oil and acid normally in the form of a really good vinegar salt and pepper is a brilliant start and then you can show you a little garlic in not too much you

can hit up with any herb’s you know depends where you want to go i say Mediterranean so you’re talking parsley you’re talking basile you’re talking marjoram Oregon oh and then you can do you know beautiful little grilled cause yet lemon olive oil mint salad with beautiful bocconcini mozzarellas and rupees ya love me but all these veggies here i’m going to mix up together so you have the sweetness of the peppers really really bring all the other sort of

veggies together and we’re going to mix them up and you serve them warm or room temperature or frankly even cold weather lasts for a week in the fridge that is the principal dry grilling comes off hard into a bowl and then while they’re still warm will dress those with really good olive oil now the volleyball thing everyone’s a bit confused with olive oil as well and you get what you pay for

so you buy cheap oil groundnut oil and olive oil which is not extra virgin you know we’ll marinate and we’ll cook with those cheap as chips you get everywhere and even the horrible commercial ones are highly filtered they don’t really have much flavor so they’re not they’re just be good to use i have them as well but then the really good olive oils is for not cooking ok and and really anything from 10 pounds 215 pounds of thought which i

know is expensive is you get what you pay for is pretty much that price around whole world so if the Greeks and the Spanish and the Italians find the place in a use for that then so should you and you use it very sparingly so here’s my badge coming off the grill now lovely colors green yellows