Grilling Tomatoes on BBQ

Grilling Tomatoes on BBQ
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today I’m going to share with you on my favorite grilled tomato recipes

before grilling tomatoes choose about four nice aroma

we’re going to court them slice of the end

cut them in half and squeeze out the seeds

now let’s go make up a great easy marinade before we hit the grill

for the first ingredient in the 2/3 cup of 8

balsamic vinegar put that into a bowl

now we’re gonna drizzle with one third cup extra virgin olive oil now add a

tablespoon fresh minced garlic stir that around

Add about 10 to 12 fresh basil leaves

roll them all together and give tem little rough chop
add that to the

mix and finally we’re gonna hit with a half a teaspoon of kosher salt

and about a

spoon of fresh cracked pepper trying use a dish for the tomatoes gonna be

pretty compact that where you’re marinade not gonna spread all over the place

and it’ll coat all the tomatoes

you wanna let these marinate for at least an hour but I prefer marinating

overnight in refrigerator

alright I’ve had these marinading for about an hour now

and my grill preheating on high on a slide these guys on here

you gonna see some flair up don’t be afraid it’ll it’ll go back out what this chart

but the grill do its work said don’t be afraid the flame

you can see I use the aroma tomatoes I think they hold up a little bit better

when you were Groome in the style self that’s kinda my preference

alright I just close the lid let this cook off for about 10 minutes

all rights been about 10 minutes gotta get these guys up the grill

ha somebody’s chopping wood again

site for the background noise

alright I know what your thinkin

you’re probably thinking what is he going to use these for

but actually I don’t know if thing because I if I did that means that your

mind me to be helping out the cops all homicides or something

they what I do like to use this war is

I like top Mon my favorite burger with mozzarella cheese makes Ikea San

Francisco birder

you can just put these on top a fresh pasta and

that you like your tomato sauce on on your pasta also be doing a cream

reduction for a pasta sauce chicken diced these up after the cooldown

thrown in there in Canada Chris pink sauce ago great over pasta

I’m you know chillin come up put him into a solid

experiment with them they’re great great

addition to to a lotta meals my of