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BBQ planner

BBQ is our love

We eat barbecue, we breathe barbecue and even watch it on TV (this is what cooking shows are for!) This site is for you, the BBQ addicts who have born-built grilling skills. Here you will find tips, recipes, recommendations, and other things that BBQ addicts like to do.

The BBQ planner

The BBQ Planner will help you calculate  how much food is needed for your grilling and how many pounds of bbq per person. Now you can feed your cookout guests without any leftovers NO WASTE, NO STRESS, NO CALCULATIONS!!!! The BBQ Planner will do the work – you’ll have the fun with $$$ leftover….! Whether it’s a large bash or a family summer gathering, The BBQ Planner will calculate the exact quantities, plan your menu and budget according  number of guests. Select how many people are coming, the number of women, men and kids, then choose your favorite meat and we will do the rest.

Plan your BBQ party

How many guests are coming to your event?

[su_highlight bg=”#fc0″ color=”#000″]How many meat eaters do you have? [/su_highlight]
man eating meat woman eating meat kid eating meat

Men eating meat

Women eating meat

Kids eating meat
[su_highlight bg=”#fc0″ color=”#000″]How many Vegetarians are coming to your event? [/su_highlight]
Vegetarian men Vegetarian women Vegetarian kids

Vegetarian men

Vegetarian women

Vegetarian kids

Choose you favourite meat

Hot dogs Chicken wings Hamburger
Beef Brisket Ribs Steaks

How much meat per person for your BBQ? – Use the calculator for detailed BBQ menu for 20, 30 or 40 guests, if you need more just put half the guests number and multiply the results.

BBQ marinades

The best marinades for your BBQ

Gas Grill

The best tips how to buy your gas grill

How to Plan the Ultimate Backyard Barbecue checklist

The best BBQ event checklist

How to make BBQ chimichurri sauce

Chimichurri sauce done the right way


  1. Hi,

    Your site is awesome!
    However, why do you stop at 20? Why not more? In the meantime I’ll put half in your calculator and multiply amounts by 2 🙂
    Thanks so much for your help, you saved me!


  2. awesome, love the info, wanted to share my new best friend on the bbq I found at it’s a rigid bbq grilling mat that keeps my bbq clean while I’m grilling away, no more messy clean up and the meat tastes great.

  3. 6 bottles of wine and 22 bottles of beer for 40 adults? Sorry but won’t be using your other estimates after those two!

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