Charcoal Cooking with Weber Kettle

Hi guys,

Getting ready to do some cooking on our Weber charcoal kettle and what’s cool is that we even going to be able to show you guys a couple of accessories you know during this this cooking process and so you know.

here’s a couple of things we’re going to be using, will demonstrate to you some of these weber lighter cubes what we’re going to do is we’re going to take two of them place them on our

charcoal grate and then we’re also going to put our chimney starter we’ve got our charcoal chimney starter full of charcoal of course you could always add newspaper if you wanted to to the bottom of this to get it going but again this will give us the opportunity to show two different accessories here and so we’re going to get these things going

we got our events all the way open it might be a little tough to see but we have our vents at the bottom open it we’ll let this get going stay tuned hi guys we’re looking good what you’re after is a white ash layer on those top kohls because when you’ve got that you know everything down at the bottom is

hot and ready to go we’ve been just about 15 minutes here we are actually using the hardwood charcoal compared to a charcoal briquette and so you know times may vary depending on what you’re doing but again you want you looking for the the white ash on top of the coals and so now we’re going to get into it and what we’re going to use are these indirect cooking shields

yeah as you can see that arm really does help with pouring stay tuned more action yet to come I guess that are charcoal in our fuel holders we’ve got in position to the ends we’ve got a little drip pan underneath what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to be indirect cooking a chicken

we’re gonna get our cooking grids in place and again on this gold series units we’ve got those hinge greats where you can add coals if needed to while cooking and so we got our grill set up that’s our season bird it’s going in the middle hi guys now we’re going to put some burgers on those are going to go and be

cooking a whole directly over the coals hi guys stay tuned we’ll let you see how we do yeah yeah I guess burgers are coming off and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to add some charcoal to our fuel holders on the side

we’re going to shut these dampers off a little bit and we’re gonna let this bird just slow cook finish cooking so stay tuned we’ll let you guys see how we do ok hi guys we’re gonna add a couple of pieces of charcoal on each side

choke off our events a little bit hi guys stay tuned hi guys we’ve been about an hour and a half again indirect cooking our bird we’ve got our kohls position on the sides and let me tell you guys it it really does look good but will let you folks take a look and see how we did

I grabbed this rascal all right guys look good we got a nice Goulding see if we can all look at their tender and juicy