Spicy BBQ Chicken Marinade

It’s an ideal time to throw stuff on the barbecue which is a great American tradition of course an ideal time also for me to introduce you to the spicy BBQ poultry marinade and extremely simple marinade which consists of four simple spices so we have cayenne right here we have turmeric paprika and black pepper those are the basic ingredients now as a a definition of a marinade is something that is a liquid where you emerge different ingredients so that the liquid absorbs into whatever you’re cooking barbecuing etc
In this case we have soy sauce right here now of course if you’re sensitive to gluten you can always use tomorrow but if you’re sensitive to soy sauce will have put in in this for this recipe or you’re out of luck we’re going to add to the soy sauce some lemon juice and then of course our basic ingredients which is cayenne turmeric paprika and black pepper now those are the basic ingredients and by itself
these ingredients just fabulous for a poultry marinade to this i’m going to
add some optional ingredients and that is some chili oil and some garlic put
these over here
there we have it
I’m going to stir this up make sure all the ingredients are mixed into the soy
sauce and lemon juice
now ideally you want to mix this marinade and after we introduce the
poultry to it
you want to let it marinate for about what overnight ideally or a minimum of
three to four hours really now the poultry
we have here we have some chicken thighs some chicken legs and one of my
this is a game hand this is a Cornish game hen now i’m going to share
something with you as you can see I’ve made some shallow slits in the flash
here now never to the bone
because that will dry up the meat ok so we’re going to suspend this in the
marinade like so it’s all in there and I’m going to turn it over now what I like to do is once I turn this over a few times

make sure it’s all coded I’d like to leave this skin side up not like to spoon it spoon the marinade over the flash here ok
and if you have the opportunity it will be ideal if you could halfway through
the marinating . if its overnight just go in the refrigerator and turn this
over and spoon some more of this delicious stuff there
now you don’t need
now you don’t need to add salt to this I want to explain some of the spices and
ingredients to you the additional ingredients which is the soy sauce now
this always always provides the saltiness the the lemon provides the
Todd and then we have the Cayenne which gives it a nice bite the paprika
provides a nice smoky flavour
turmeric adds color and flavor and of course the black pepper is a peppery
you know pepper and cayenne don’t actually conflict there even though they
are pungent there a little bit spicy so to speak
they do have their distinct flavors so we’re going to place this in the
refrigerator and marinated i do overnight but if you get up in the
morning and feel like doing something on the Bobby in the afternoon
that should suffice this is an extremely simple marinade and I’m sure you’re
going to really enjoy
so let’s go throw this on the barbecue so i’m not an expert on BBQ but I do
know a couple of things and one thing is as we play this by ear
right on the charcoal side is to have the skin side up first
we are beautiful summer but three thighs here on one side
and on the other side i’m going to place the Cornish game hand and then the legs
now I generally don’t brush this with any of the marinades or any of the
marinade because this is marinated well enough so that place it on there and
then I’m gonna cover it up
open the vent and let it cook there we have it
this is the result of this spicy Tom a spicy BBQ poultry marinade the college
game hand the chicken drumsticks and thighs they look absolutely fabulous and
believe me it really is a delicious and simple marinade to use when you prepare
poultry we accompany this with some pics salsa picante of simply thrown together
tomatoes onions cilantro salt pepper and some lime juice and some tortillas
I hope you enjoyed this presentation I’m sure you will enjoy the marinade
I’m due next September ami for the complete recipe please to
visit the spicy gamma dot com you can click on recipe videos where you’ll find
the video as well as the recipe
I’ll wish you a wonderful spring and summer and if you’re south of the
Equator cuddle up and enjoy the winter until the next time I’m –
the spacing on me thank you for joining me Cheers

Host a BBQ Bash Like Cat Cora | Best Chef Secrets

Cat Cora is here today putting together an outdoor dinner party for eight of her
friends and we get to learn the tips and tricks to creating a beautiful backyard
hey god Brandi how are you good
and this looks beautiful it’s fine oh my gosh so fun so let’s talk about
barbecuing this is your thing
I’m from Mississippi girl tell us about some of the mistakes that people make
when they are creating a BBQ
well i would say the top three really are that people get the grill too hot
you know with a gas grill or butane you don’t need more than about 10 minutes to
preheat it but I think being impatient with your food and the worst believe me
because i’m always used to that Iron Chef mentality
so it’s really about slowing down let your meat cook
don’t poke and prod it because the g losses juices and I think really it’s
about marinating your meats long enough yeah it sounds like all of that goes
back to preparing a couple days in advance and doing what you want to do so
let’s talk about today what is the first thing that you think about when you’re
creating the ultimate backyard barbecue
well the first thing I think about is one of my thing I mean I really you know
that helps me prepare any party is really coming up with a theme and
sometimes the theme is just you know organic sustainable all-natural
farm-to-table yeah sometimes simple is best
all right cat so what is today’s theme well i’m going to Mediterranean theme
yeah and i love how your influence your Greek influence kind of plays into the
menu choices that you have but you know barbecue is so Universal I mean even
though I’m from Mississippi i have a greek-american background and so when I
go to Greece and visit my family we BBQ there so it really is something that has
done all over the world
let’s talk about the menu that you’ve chosen for today what are some of the
meats we’re going to be learning how to make i’m going to be doing this
beautiful chicken that’s got this great rub on it and i’m going to be doing a
back beef which is with the same rub but i’ll be doing a chimichurri sauce with
that and skewered shrimp with a fancy sauce which is a Greek yogurt sauce with
cucumber and mint I’m gonna be doing a great rub on all of those it’s four
ingredients so simple it’s dried orange zest chilli powder salt and cracked
I like that so there’s plenty of variety for everyone three different types of
needs now what about sides under this fantastic salt roasted beet salad with a
tantrum vinaigrette which is off the hook I’m doing grilled moscato with three toppings I’m gonna be doing my own
olives and tapenades on the side and then i’m gonna be doing my white peach
sangria oh great so it sounds like when you’re creating the ultimate BBQ is really about preparation so what are some of the things that you can do a couple of days in advance well a couple of days ahead obviously you start making your menu you think about your fame you create your menu then you can start actually preparing things that you can do ahead of time for instance you can make your sauce as a day ahead you can marinate your meats for sure our day ahead and there’s always tastes better and kind of if you’ve done them a couple days before I exactly the things like that you know even your sangria you could even start prepping ahead day
ahead you know with some of the fruits and things
so there’s several things you can get started a day ahead or two days ahead so
what about the day of or the morning of when you’re getting ready for your
guests to ride with a lot of things that I like to do the morning of it I like to
get my platters I definitely did my tablescape and I get my platters out and
I actually put little post-its on what is going on what that suggests in case
you know Jennifer jumps in our friend jumps in to help me they know where everything goes
you know getting your bread ready to grill getting all of the top and odds
and and the toppings made for your bruschetta and then you’re putting your
you know you want your sangria to really get good so the fruits yet labourers ya
get all those flavors in there and get that ready to get into your star of the
table should be done as fresh as possible
those are the things meat and bread when your guests show up you can start
grilling nose so Kat how do you decide how much food to prepare today I know
you’re serving eight of your friends but you know you don’t want eight servings
of every single thing right
I think you know with a cut-up chicken you think about a piece per person
you know maybe even a piece and a half because it’s okay to have a little bit
left over
I was ya weekend leftover have four guys we love leftovers in my house so I don’t
mind making a little extra a matter of fact it’s great for chicken sandwiches
for the kids the next day so I don’t mind making a little bit extra but at
least a portion of a half of everything person so cat let’s talk about this
gorgeous tablescape starting with these beautiful bowls on these lovely I got
these because they remind me so much of the Greek island and they remind me of
the Mediterranean in general these are great because our outdoor friendly sort
of hard plastic you have to worry about it breaking and getting in the pool or
what happy those balls are so stunning and you can find them at williams-sonoma
and then of course i love these you know anything that I could put in an old
mason jar right
fantastic so these are kind of this blue tinted look with them the great for
holding silverware is put in a wicker basket on the table to put those in and
then you know glass always works black and white china and you can see it then
yeah you can see the food prepared you know why China is a great too because
that’s really makes your food pop you want the food to shine you know that has
to be the star so that’s why i chose glass and this is great because it’s
kind of a pedestal look you can just take a ball tip it over upside down and
put the ball just to give everything hi it’s really like about creating texture
and food you got to create texture on the table i love also did family-style
everybody could just serve themselves get what they want and then sit down and
then they come back for seconds if they want
perfect and they always do that and they will always do and hopefully
ok let’s talk about his gorgeous bar cart that you’ve decorated and I can’t
wait to make your sangria and your other spritzer
tell us about the importance of having something like this setup in your
well I think it’s always fun to set up a separate little bar area for people with
alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks for everyone is setting up some glasses fun
straws if you’re having kids or the big kids as well just to make it fun
separate from the dinner table and people can just come over here and help
Kat this looks so stunning now that we have everything displayed at what are
some of the final touches that you’re going to do well definitely with the
beef tenderloin
what i’ve done is i’ve put this actually finish it on a Himalayan salt block
which is really nice it gives it a little saltiness
but then i’m just gonna top it with a little the chimichurri just across
across it like that so people can go and grab a piece but they can also get a
little bit more sauce so what I’ll do is I’ll just leave it there and it looks so
fantastic especially displayed on the Himalayan salt block which you can get
at williams-sonoma
right exactly nice touch and then on the shrimp
I do the lighter sauce which I was talking about the Z key sauce which is
the cucumber yogurt and i also put this over brown rice the shrimp so that just
gives it a little healthy touch to it and I like brown rice it goes really
well with this is easy sauce and wrap the dead amount of water anything a
little drizzle over the shrimp and then a few brandy can grab the BBQ sauce and
finish the CQ sauce on the chicken just give it a little Glade oh yeah
again we set out want more which they always do which they will that cck is
addicting a little bit of sauce on that just to give it a little bit of a
I love it this is so beautiful there’s so much variety so we have our fantastic
side over here this beet salad fresh seasonal tart over here the olive
tapenade which is a really nice platter and nice for you guys to kind of pick
and choose before they get to the on days and then our brew shadow with three
yes and then of course great drinks of fresh fruit spritzer and a white peach
this is gorgeous this literally looks like it was taken out of a magazine cat
you’re such a great host
thank you Brandi this is a fantastic spread and this is the way to do in the
summertime this is perfect especially as we approach grilling season for all you
people at home that are used to just crawling with hot dogs and burgers step
it up a little bit
don’t cat Cora’s way c CQ it try to incorporate some of these tips that we
share with you today and for more be sure to check out our other videos so
you can learn how to make these delicious sides
how to master the grill like a pro
and cat again thank you so much for being here right being here thank you
thank you and thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time on PopSugar

How to Grill a Good Steak by Chef Robert Del Grande

how do you grill a good steak?

I get this question all the time

it’s really just a simple one two three step process so well let’s make it four step process the first one is by a good steak I have a nice little 14-ounce rib eye you can see that the beautiful steak a little bit of rich cat be on the outside that Malloy me on the inside really good-looking with a mistake so then right before you you grill it usually good let it come to room

temperature we can put sometimes not too much it’s a little bit of olive oil on it will help it so it doesn’t stick you just kind of rub it with olive oil all of what love the beach then not ahead of time but right before you grill it then rub a little salt and a tiny bit of pepper into it the reason why i say not too far ahead is that salt will try to draw some liquid to the surface of the meat and it won’t Brown as well so here’s again the

key to really good stay here is our wood fire i’m going to take a look at this is where you get a lot of heat you got those old wood logs burning you get way up there six seven eight 100 degrees very very hot and we build a fire towards the back so that the hottest part of the back wall of the fire and the front is not

nearly as hot so when you like a good fire then you don’t people something to talk about a very even heat it’s better to have an uneven heat so very hot of the back and a cooler towards the front just started out hot so i will go to that back part of the fire or it’s the hottest you can usually hear it

when it goes on the grill and what that’s doing is just driving the heat and the and the juices towards the center of the state and in this stage one of the hot fire you always have to keep your eye on don’t run back in the house and come back at it could be it could be overdone this is probably a thousand degrees right now you have to be patient we got a little good mark on it

and across it to that we can kind of distribute distribute the bar marks on it but you can see how hot it is that whole outside the state is to give me taste and see so that the juicer going they used to say sear the steak

the seal in the juices you not see the menu driving them away from the surface think we’re getting a good sear on it and see a foot back for a second how beautiful that is Farmar just toasted almost kind of crunchy wait to meet you bad it is serious

very soon be outside and there’s no sign of juice everything was closed to be driven into the meat thing to remember is that water like juices will always move away from the heat up the expand and move away from where the heat source resources you have to think that this is going towards the center but if we let it go too long of that high you will overheat the juices and

i’ll ask you to turn into boarding with the community overcooked inside we really this is just like when the light turns green step on the gas and it’s just to get it kind of don’t get that momentum momentum working people like to base their steaks and I do to it to be quite nice

I usually avoided this part because the fire so hot anything that drips into the fire will catch fire and flame up once you start getting a flame up it will pull more of the fat out of the meeting and more claim up to get it shark

don’t taste too so I think now we see here this you both sides with a beautifully seared a mistake is still very rare we’re all going on then what we do is the way you think about is we are going to pull it at this

point back to of course part of the fire you can almost see how much smoke is they’re just old fullback they have much less as much more to the story at this point if you’d like this is a little bit of butter you can base the steak at this point because when it drips in the fire won’t

get that far back level of so when you’re cooking steaks whether you like it rare well done you want to think about that the same way a rare steak is generally cooked very very hot is it doesn’t have to go in

very far when you’re cooking medium rare it takes a little more times you gotta slow it down even more slowly like a well done steak that’s been really pull it back and let it just took a long time slowly filled with juice here and much more tender it’s a little counterintuitive some people think oh well done to be harder and longer you’ll just be drive

you see here like a rare steak and for the edge of the fire and it was like slowly finish out you tell at the stake begins to cook more it has more resistance to when it’s raw so she touch them feel that that state starts to tighten up so this . now I’m kind of looking for medium rare I’ll put way to the edge of

the fire so underneath the meat there’s no wood burning at all so we can go very very slowly you see how golden brown testing ground is inside i’ll still be really really now it’s just like I saw the stop sign coming up I took my foot off the gas way ahead

left and stakes of this clean until it’s just done for those juices kind of come to the middle but slow down just enough so they just meet at the center its rosy pink still be juicing not is cooked to all the I think this steak is it was medium rare I’ll tell you one of the little trick that

use even a medium rare has no juice on top once it gets to medium because the juice have gone all the way through it will start to beat up some juice on the surface so you actually see them it sort of tells you that the state just get all the way to go

then those juices will begin to drop in the fire and you’ll hear the incisions and so we have the same that you can usually here take this overcook it produces dropping – listen sometime when you hear that those things rock and you

and sound it’s medium or more you see our beautiful steak there and that comes from that pot would fire 5,000 degrees hot burning up we have that you for human the wood

salt and pepper disgusting inside will be Justin so you gotta remember to one that’s taking up there really really hot fire those juices are still hot inside and they’re sort of moving around so it’s good to get the steak you know five or ten minutes just to cool down with those juices settles will be really really tender

otherwise if you were to cut it the juice run out all over the plate when he wants the juice in the first place inside the meat so I have let this one cool down a little bit and we should see if we carve it should be viewed with the rosy pink on the inside look at that Oh Arctic you have to rebuy just so you can see how kind of tender and creamy and looks those pieces see how even is all the way through because that’s how

gently now gently it cook I don’t I would definitely not be unhappy with this thing it is just George’s need at home sometimes I cook a big thick one and cut into multiple pieces and you get a great look that so weird on the outside and pink all the way through but that’s the best of three points super hot to see to sear it and lower

the heat blood go partially through and then very soft in the end so that finishes rosy pink let it relax a few minutes before you cut into it to the juices those juices can settle mistake is a nice really nice medium-rare you can see by the red rose – all we have to do for medium is leaving at the edge of the five for another 3-4 minutes and it will slowly go to medium leave for another 48

minutes it will be meeting well on the slow heat for 5 to 10 minutes very slowly going to be well well done all the people be gone but it will still be juicing because we finished up slow that it kind of come to have a nice nice stuff we didn’t drive the juices right out of it I’m a big revive man we buy great be that RPG and this rib eye steaks from the menu for the last last 20 years is one of my  favourites we have it every night and got big and thick girl like this really really good we also have great New York’s – and great place to the overall like beef I like looking over that big wood fire really tasty this is very very good

Hog Ribs with BBQ Loin – Chef Gordon Ramsay


right hog shot tongues skins butchered the ribs

the line and it’s amazing that will fill it here I’m putting the ribs in a fragrance stock onions close garlic and chili very nice color a large table spoon of smarter puree as that cooks start to tenderize the ribs boil for 20 minutes this is the line that is the rolls-royce of the hog that’s the little Philip tender delicious actually that raw having

removed the skin sliced a tenderloin and the fill it into medallions i’m making a marinade for the meat with olive oil salt pepper lime juice and chili powder the marinade will tenderize the hog to me not eating butter next the BBQ sauce for the ribs start off trillion by the onion and add molasses molasses and really nice sort of dark sugar syrup

I get the body to the BBQ sauce a couple of tablespoons of mustard chili sources and cider vinegar when you sat down not too rich out there is the right consistency rush to meet with the BBQ source and grill literally fell five forty seconds on the line 12 minutes on the ribs yeah

lost the meat rests a coleslaw not too much my name is nothing worse than a call so we can identify what’s in here he must have cultural and I slice the line a couple of beautiful lips that most amazing hot grips with a barbecued Lloyd only now some hungry tummies where are you guys gentlemen are we it was good thinking to get to get very good very good very good

as they say in the UK put more pork on your fork yeah outstanding

BBQ vegetables by Jamie Oliver

We have a BBQ and that’s what it’s like to be British you have to make the best of all things in life including rain and charcoal ok little lesson people often I’ve noticed the hideous things with grilled vegetables and it

tastes horrible and i want it tastes disgusting that that ok first things first never ever ever in my personal opinion of us in a good reason to brush any page with oil before you great don’t do it try and use charcoal or wood that flavor and you when you dry grill you create this new flavor which is a nuttiness and then when that thing whatever is asparagus peppers chilis obviously the peppers were blackening and we’ll peel the courgettes asparagus

aubergine onions fennel you know we once you’ve charmed them up you don’t have to cook the massively I’m just gonna you can even cook them on one side and what you do is as soon as they come off you kiss them with quality extra virgin olive oil corn oil gets no oil gets cooked ever so lovely quality olive oil and acid normally in the form of a really good vinegar salt and pepper is a brilliant start and then you can show you a little garlic in not too much you

can hit up with any herb’s you know depends where you want to go i say Mediterranean so you’re talking parsley you’re talking basile you’re talking marjoram Oregon oh and then you can do you know beautiful little grilled cause yet lemon olive oil mint salad with beautiful bocconcini mozzarellas and rupees ya love me but all these veggies here i’m going to mix up together so you have the sweetness of the peppers really really bring all the other sort of

veggies together and we’re going to mix them up and you serve them warm or room temperature or frankly even cold weather lasts for a week in the fridge that is the principal dry grilling comes off hard into a bowl and then while they’re still warm will dress those with really good olive oil now the volleyball thing everyone’s a bit confused with olive oil as well and you get what you pay for

so you buy cheap oil groundnut oil and olive oil which is not extra virgin you know we’ll marinate and we’ll cook with those cheap as chips you get everywhere and even the horrible commercial ones are highly filtered they don’t really have much flavor so they’re not they’re just be good to use i have them as well but then the really good olive oils is for not cooking ok and and really anything from 10 pounds 215 pounds of thought which i

know is expensive is you get what you pay for is pretty much that price around whole world so if the Greeks and the Spanish and the Italians find the place in a use for that then so should you and you use it very sparingly so here’s my badge coming off the grill now lovely colors green yellows

Charcoal Cooking with Weber Kettle

hi guys getting ready to do some cooking on our Weber charcoal kettle and what’s cool is that we even going to be able to show you guys a couple of accessories you know during this this cooking process and so you know.

here’s a couple of things we’re going to be using, will demonstrate to you some of these weber lighter cubes what we’re going to do is we’re going to take two of them place them on our

charcoal grate and then we’re also going to put our chimney starter we’ve got our charcoal chimney starter full of charcoal of course you could always add newspaper if you wanted to to the bottom of this to get it going but again this will give us the opportunity to show two different accessories here and so we’re going to get these things going

we got our events all the way open it might be a little tough to see but we have our vents at the bottom open it we’ll let this get going stay tuned hi guys we’re looking good what you’re after is a white ash layer on those top kohls because when you’ve got that you know everything down at the bottom is

hot and ready to go we’ve been just about 15 minutes here we are actually using the hardwood charcoal compared to a charcoal briquette and so you know times may vary depending on what you’re doing but again you want you looking for the the white ash on top of the coals and so now we’re going to get into it and what we’re going to use are these indirect cooking shields

yeah as you can see that arm really does help with pouring stay tuned more action yet to come I guess that are charcoal in our fuel holders we’ve got in position to the ends we’ve got a little drip pan underneath what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to be indirect cooking a chicken

we’re gonna get our cooking grids in place and again on this gold series units we’ve got those hinge greats where you can add coals if needed to while cooking and so we got our grill set up that’s our season bird it’s going in the middle hi guys now we’re going to put some burgers on those are going to go and be

cooking a whole directly over the coals hi guys stay tuned we’ll let you see how we do yeah yeah I guess burgers are coming off and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to add some charcoal to our fuel holders on the side

we’re going to shut these dampers off a little bit and we’re gonna let this bird just slow cook finish cooking so stay tuned we’ll let you guys see how we do ok hi guys we’re gonna add a couple of pieces of charcoal on each side

choke off our events a little bit hi guys stay tuned hi guys we’ve been about an hour and a half again indirect cooking our bird we’ve got our kohls position on the sides and let me tell you guys it it really does look good but will let you folks take a look and see how we did

I grabbed this rascal all right guys look good we got a nice Goulding see if we can all look at their tender and juicy

Jamie Oliver on preventing burnt BBQ food

How to stop burning on the barbecue that is a massive wide open question and of course burning things and not cooking them properly a kind of they have a relationship together

So it’s all about heat control so before we get on to he control with the gas barbecue obviously you’ve got different elements of control hi lo a faded approach that we have here we’ve got the hot plate and all of these can be used to help you so

for me personally even if you’re flat out on all these gases you have the hot element which is these to third parties here at the back and then a cooler panel at the front that is always the case so you’re grilling at the back and then you bring it to the front just to kind of chill out a little bit and just sort of take a little bit more time at the

front but of course you can control the temperature so you can have a really hot panel and a medium panel and a call panel so this is cool you can work from left to right or right to left and then bring it to the front so that’s very cool once you got to the front you can even go up to the rack here as well

the other thing to think about is fat natural fat or added fat so if we’re talking about natural fat see here on this piece of beef you know you got fat in here and that’s naturally going to render and when that hits fire is going to flare up is going to fly him up and the kind of smokes good but flame ain’t so good so you really want to reduce that you can reduce that by moving the meat you

can reduce that by trimming off some of the fat or you can reduce that by just having a little sprinter like a little flower spritzer and just keep him flame down and he control in general not having it too hot so it’s coming out too quick with added fat it’s things like vegetables I just can’t think of one reason why you apply fat to vegetables in grilling we always go on dry always we let the kind of nutty natural flavors come out

and then we dress in beautiful oils afterwards so there’s no real reason to kind of put painted oil all over aubergine courgettes and fennel and veggies just grill it dry ok so that’s going to really help flare ups and burning on the veg and really it’s kind of just getting to know the kit I mean this is a direct grill BBQ at the same time if you put the

sit down and use a thermometer that’s right here you’ve got an oven and sometimes i get a little wire rack and some wood chips and i just put it on a hot part and i put that on and turn all of this off and then the chip start to smoke I put the lid down and you’ve got an oven and a smoker so this piece of equipment is as simple or as complex as you want to make it so

they go guys really basic information but so important when you want to BBQ beautifully knowing your equipment controlling the heat kind of just understanding what it’s doing to the food remain in focus and you’re going to get some amazing amazing barbecue so guys if you want more information head over to JamieOliverBBQ.com

for more recipes information and to see the rest of the BBQ range take care

Advances tips for Grilling

Grilling is not just for the summer anymore, folks are grilling all year round because it’s a mouth-watering way to infuse deep unmistakable flavor into chicken steaks and chops and nothing in folks are cowboy spirit like grilling over flames grilling means cooking small prime cuts of meat quickly and directly over hot dry heat, unlike barbecuing where you’re slow cooking large cuts of meat for long periods of time over in-directing.

Here are ten tips that will make you a grill master:

#1 – safe handling with meat

Always handle raw meat separately from other ingredients to halt the spread of bacteria wash your hands knives and cutting boards with hot soapy water after contact with the meat don’t let raw meat stand at room temperature for more than an hour when you marinate for more than 30 minutes use the fridge and never put your cooked meat back into the dish that it marinated in

#2 marinades and rubs matter

Marinades and rubs add flavor and make the meat more tender mixtures with acids like vinegar or fruit juices need less time to marinate than those without half an hour to three hours will suffice for chicken steak or chops but always marinate in the fridge if it’s longer than 30 minutes

#3 use the right tool for the job

Long handled spatula tongs and brushes will protect your skin from the hot fire. Use tongs when flipping meet a fork will pierce the flesh and release juices a wire brush for cleaning is essential and a reliable Digital Thermometertxtrider_amazon-03is a must

#4 use high heat

Preheat a gas grill on high for 10 minutes if you use charcoal the cold should burn until they’re covered in grey ash allow about half an hour to reach this stage the longer the charcoal burns the cooler they get hold your hand palm down about inches from the fire and count one one-thousand two one-thousand until the heat forces you to pull away two seconds it’s very hot four seconds is medium hot six to eight seconds add more briquets or spread the briquettes out if it’s too hot

#5 Use both direct and indirect heat

see your thick steaks over high direct heat to seal in the juices and make a flavor crust the seer creates a controlled flare up which in turn makes that smoky flavor that we love then move the meat to indirect or medium low heat to complete the internal cooking after

#6 control flare-ups

flare ups are caused by burning fat dripping onto the flames trim away the excess fat leaving a quarter-inch reduce the amount of oil in your marinade when one occurs move the meat so it isn’t directly over the coals you can cover the grill to reduce the oxygen or douse the flame with water from a spray bottle with a charcoal fire but not on a gas grill

#7 with wood

for the real smoky campfire flavor use fragrant part would to grill over if you can’t find Hickory or mesquite logs like this in your backyard use chips bacan maple cherry apple peach pear and great finds they even sound delicious so couple of handfuls in water for at least 30
minutes drain and add them to a cast-iron chip holder or to an aluminum folder packet put the packet directly on the heat and cover to trap the smoke you can also add flavor by tossing rosemary sprigs unpeeled garlic on the coals in the end of the cooking time

#8 don’t crowd

the grill dry heat needs to evelop the me to impart the smokiness of the fire line meet up with equal space all around this also brings order to your grill and will help you when you flip rotate each piece halfway through the cooking to create grill marks only flip it once

#9 know when it’s done

grilled meat should have a nice round flavor crust but not be charred black
charring creates carbon a carcinogen stakes an inch thick need five to seven
minutes per side to reach medium pork chops need about the same
it’s always best to use an instant thermometer on stakes more than a half
inch thick
medium rare steaks will have an internal temperature of a hundred and forty-five
and medium should reach a hundred and sixty chicken should be cooked all the
way through with a temperature of 160 to 170 all made should rest for 5 to 10
minutes when they come off the grill cover the meat loosely in foil
the meat will continue to cook and the internal temperature will rise several
more degrees resting also helps the meat retain its juices when sliced but the

#10 tip for becoming a grill master grill your vegetables

the sweet juices , lies on the grill infusing them with even deeper richer flavors

BBQ vs Grilling

Barbecue and grilling are two different things
Barbecue is cooking long low and slow grilling is hot and fast with BBQ traditionally you have meat such as ribs pork shoulder brisket they have to cook a very long time to tenderize at a very low temperature grilling on the other hand is cooking pieces of meat hot and fast like boneless breast of chicken your hamburgers your steaks your seafood that is grilling not barbecued

10 Amazing BBQ Party ideas (It’s Summertime Again!)

It’s summertime and — as the saying goes — the living is easy. Or at least it will be when you steal these fast, fresh tips for your next backyard BBQ.
Light up the grill and throw a barbecue party! Check out our free planning guide with ideas for BBQ party.
Get barbecue grilling tips from the pros. View BBQ recipes, outdoor party ideas, tips and tricks to make your backyard barbecue a memorable bash.
A backyard barbeque party is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends. Here are some BBQ party ideas to help it go off without a hitch.

1. BBQ party idea – Refreshment Station

A great BBQ must have  fresh juice and refreshing summer alcoholic drinks such as peach punch and daiquiri

Here is our secret pink lemonade recipe

Peel the zest from 16 lemons with a peeler, removing as little white pith as possible – cut away any pith you can from the strips. Juice the lemons and mix the juice, zest, 2 cup of sugar and 2 cup of raspberries with 1.2 litters of boiling water. Let cool, then filter, pressing through juice with the back of a spoon. Add sugar to taste and chill in a

Mini Mason Jar 1 Gallon Glass Beverage Drink Dispenser To serve, add a few lemon slices, raspberries and lots of ice

BBQ party drinks

2. Double duty trick – Popsicles sticks as condiments labels

We know it is non essential, but isn’t it cool for your BBQ party and BBQ accessories? take few popsicles sticks (use the wide ones) , label them with the condiments and the real hack is that you can use them for spreading the condiments on the food

BBQ condiments ideas

3. Spiral Hotdogs – how to make the perfect spiral hotdogs

Want better tasting, more evenly cooked hot dogs this summer? Try the Spiral Hotdogs!

playing a barbecue event well we’ve got three quick tips to help us. first make sure there’s enough propane in the tank, pore 2 glasses of warm water over the tank and then check the temperature your propane level is where the tank turns cold.
Now we’re ready to grill grab a skewer and put through a hotdog then in a spiral motion cut through the outer layer and cook them up spiral hope your dog’s cook faster more evenly and hold your toppings and plates
finally needed the way to organize your condiments grab a muffin tray and loaded up and there you have it

4. Repel mosquitoes and bugs with herbs

There are several plants that repel bugs and mosquitoes, like Citronella, Basil, lavender, peppermint and Marigolds.

But, our preferred way is to put on your grill, after you finished cooking, a bunch of sage leaves.

The aroma from the sage spreads around and fly off

bbq sage mosquito

5. Cook Fish on limes bed to Keep It from Sticking to the Grill

Anyone who tired to grill some salmon or tuna on the BBQ knows it can leave half of  the fish behind when you pick it up.

No amount of oil seems to assist to make the party full. So this is our hack, make a bed of sliced lemons or limes and toss the fish on top of the lemons.

Now you will it take on some of that bright Citrus tang, but you’ll get to enjoy a whole fish you intended to eat .

fish lemon grill

Grilling Tomatoes on BBQ

today I’m going to share with you on my favorite grilled tomato recipes

before grilling tomatoes choose about four nice aroma

we’re going to court them slice of the end

cut them in half and squeeze out the seeds

now let’s go make up a great easy marinade before we hit the grill

for the first ingredient in the 2/3 cup of 8

balsamic vinegar put that into a bowl

now we’re gonna drizzle with one third cup extra virgin olive oil now add a

tablespoon fresh minced garlic stir that around

Add about 10 to 12 fresh basil leaves

roll them all together and give tem little rough chop
add that to the

mix and finally we’re gonna hit with a half a teaspoon of kosher salt

and about a

spoon of fresh cracked pepper trying use a dish for the tomatoes gonna be

pretty compact that where you’re marinade not gonna spread all over the place

and it’ll coat all the tomatoes

you wanna let these marinate for at least an hour but I prefer marinating

overnight in refrigerator

alright I’ve had these marinading for about an hour now

and my grill preheating on high on a slide these guys on here

you gonna see some flair up don’t be afraid it’ll it’ll go back out what this chart

but the grill do its work said don’t be afraid the flame

you can see I use the aroma tomatoes I think they hold up a little bit better

when you were Groome in the style self that’s kinda my preference

alright I just close the lid let this cook off for about 10 minutes

all rights been about 10 minutes gotta get these guys up the grill

ha somebody’s chopping wood again

site for the background noise

alright I know what your thinkin

you’re probably thinking what is he going to use these for

but actually I don’t know if thing because I if I did that means that your

mind me to be helping out the cops all homicides or something

they what I do like to use this war is

I like top Mon my favorite burger with mozzarella cheese makes Ikea San

Francisco birder

you can just put these on top a fresh pasta and

that you like your tomato sauce on on your pasta also be doing a cream

reduction for a pasta sauce chicken diced these up after the cooldown

thrown in there in Canada Chris pink sauce ago great over pasta

I’m you know chillin come up put him into a solid

experiment with them they’re great great

addition to to a lotta meals my of

Chimichurri – best reciepe ever

We’re going to make a seared flank steak with a chimichurri sauce.

This chimichurri has fresh flavors from the lime, cilantro and garlic and it really goes

well with the savory steak. Oh and it’s ready in fifteen minutes. So, let’s get started.

Here are the ingredients you’re going to need. For the steak, flank steak, Kosher salt, olive

oil, black pepper. For the chimichurri sauce, ground cumin, jalapeno, coriander seeds, cilantro,

Kosher salt, Italian parsley, limes, red onion, garlic and olive oil.

If you have a skirt steak and not flank steak that will work just as well. I tend to prefer

a tenderized flank steak, but both can be used interchangeably. Heat the oil in a large

skillet over a high heat. Generously season the steak with the salt and pepper. Once the

oil is hot, add the flank steak and cook on high for three to four minutes until it’s

nice and well browned. Then, flip it on over and cook an additional three to four minutes

until well browned again. Remove from the heat and set on a cutting board, and then

cover it with tinfoil if you want for five minutes to let it rest.

This process allows all the juices to redistribute and will make the steak nice and juicy for

serving. While the meat is cooking and resting we can prepare the chimichurri sauce. Start

by combining the Italian parsley, cilantro, red onion, jalapeno, lime juice, garlic, Kosher

salt, cumin, and coriander seeds into a blender. Then, pulse until the mixture is chopped.

Next, add the olive oil and purée until the consistency is smooth. This should take about

one minute.

To serve, slice the steak into thin slices across the grain and drizzle with a generous

helping of that delicious chimichurri sauce. You can also use the sauce for dipping if

you’d like. Alright so there you have it this easy flank steak with chimichurri sauce is healthy, fast, and super tasty.

The History and Origin of Potato Chips

A potato chip or crisp is a slim slice of a potato deep fried or baked until crisp. Potato chips serve as an appetizer or snack. Commercial varieties are packaged for sale, usually in bags. The simplest chips are simply cooked and salted, but manufacturers can add a wide variety of seasonings (mostly made using MSG and herbs or spices). Chips are an important part of the snack food market in English-speaking countries and many other “western” nations.

There is little consistency in the English speaking world for names of fried potato slices. North American English uses chips for the above mentioned dish, crisps for the same made from batter, and French fries for the chewier dish. In European English, crisps are used for the crispy dish and chips for the chewy dish (as in “fish and chips”). In Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, both forms of potato product are simply known as chips, as are the larger “home-style” potato chips. Sometimes the distinction is made between hot chips and packet chips. Kumara (sweet potato) chips are eaten in New Zealand and Japan.

It is believed that the original potato chip recipe was created by Native American/African American chef George Crum, at Moon’s Lake House near Saratoga Springs, New York on August 24, 1853. He was fed up with a customer — by some accounts Cornelius Vanderbilt — who continued to send his fried potatoes back, because they were too thick and soggy. Crum decided to slice the potatoes so thin that they couldn’t be eaten with a fork. Against Crum’s expectation, the guest was ecstatic about the new chips. They became a regular item on the lodge’s menu under the name “Saratoga Chips”. They soon became popular throughout New England. Eventually, potato chips spread beyond chef-cooked restaurant fare and began to be mass produced for home consumption; Dayton, Ohio-based Mike-sell’s Potato Chip Company, founded in 1910, calls itself the “oldest potato chip company in the United States.”

Before the airtight sealed bag was developed, chips were stored in barrels or tins. The chips at the bottom were often stale and damp. Then Laura Scudder invented the bag by ironing together two pieces of wax paper, thereby creating an airtight seal and keeping the chips fresh until opened. Today, chips are packaged in plastic bags, with nitrogen gas blown in prior to sealing to lengthen shelf life, and provide protection against crushing.

The potato chip remained unseasoned, which limited its appeal, until an innovation by Joe “Spud” Murphy (1923 – 2001), the owner of an Irish crisp company called Tayto, who developed a technology to add seasoning in the 1950s. Though he had a small company, consisting almost entirely of his immediate family who prepared the crisps, the owner had long proved himself an innovator. After some trial and error, he produced the world’s first seasoned crisps, “Cheese and Onion” and “Salt ‘n’ Vinegar”.

Chips seasoned with salt had been sold previously, but the salt was supplied in a sealed packet inside the bag, to be added when required. A variation on this is still available in the UK, “Smiths Salt’n’Shake” comes with a small blue bag of salt.

The innovation became an overnight sensation in the food industry, with the heads of some of the biggest potato chip companies in the United States heading to the small Tayto company to examine the product and to negotiate the rights to use the new technology. When eventually the Tayto company was sold, it made the owner and the small family group who had changed the face of potato chip manufacture very wealthy. Companies worldwide sought to buy the rights to Tayto’s technique.

The Tayto innovation changed the whole nature of the potato chip. Later chip manufacturers added natural and artificial seasonings to potato chips, with varying degrees of success. A product that had had a large appeal to a limited market on the basis of one seasoning now had a degree of market penetration through vast numbers of seasonings. In the US, the most popular forms of seasoned potato chips include “sour cream and onion,” “barbecue,” “ranch,” and cheese-seasoned chips. Various other seasonings of chips are sold in different locales, including the original “salt and vinegar,” produced by Tayto, which remains by far Ireland’s biggest manufacturer of crisps.

Some potato chip manufacturers, such as Lay’s, produce seasoned chips based on regional interest. Particularly notable in North America are the wide varieties available in parts of Canada, where seasonings include dill pickle, ketchup, poutine and bacon. In Toronto, Lay’s offers wasabi and curry chips. Likewise, the United Kingdom and Ireland are known for their wide variety of crisps, including Marmite yeast spread, prawn cocktail, and Branston pickle. On the other hand, in Germany the vast majority of chips sold are a single flavour, paprika.

Another type of potato chip, notably the Pringles and Lay’s Stax brands, is made by extruding or pressing a dough made from ground potatoes into the familiar potato chip shape before frying. This makes chips that are very uniform in size and shape, which allows them to be stacked and packaged in rigid tubes. In America, the official term for Pringles is “crisps”, but they are rarely referred to as such. Conversely Pringles may be termed “potato chips” in Europe, to distinguish them from traditional “crisps”.

Some companies have also marketed baked potato chips as an alternative with lower fat content. Additionally, some varieties of fat-free chips have been made using artificial, and indigestible, fat substitutes. These became well-known in the media when an ingredient many contained, Olestra, was linked in some individuals to abdominal discomfort and loose stools.

The success of crisp fried potato chips also gave birth to fried corn chips, with such brands as Fritos, CC’s and Doritos dominating the market. “Swamp chips” are similarly made from a variety of root vegetables such as parsnips, rutabagas and carrots. Japanese-style variants include extruded chips, like products made from rice or cassava.

There are lots of other products which might be called “crisps” in Britain, but would not be classed a “potato chips” because they aren’t made with potato and/or aren’t chipped (for example, Wotsits).

Herb Brush for your BBQ

Here is a really simple, rad way to add awesome flavour to your meat, however you’re cooking it! Using a herb brush.

Grilling meat already makes it instantly delicious, but if you’re looking for a way to add even more flavor to your grilled steaks, chops, and chicken we advice you to Make your own bbq herb brush which is as simple as picking a bouquet of flowers – literally! we chose flowering sage and thyme along with tarragon for our grilled meat.

You salt early, rub it with garlic, cook it over a real charcoal fire, baste it with herb butter while it’s cooking, give it a final brush with the herb butter once it’s resting, and sprinkle it with some flaky sea salt at the last minute.

herb brush




What is better – Thawed or Frozen steak on the Grill?

The conventional wisdom holds that frozen steaks should be thawed before cooking

We wondered is this time consuming step was really worth it,  to find out we cut a strip into 8 steaks, cut each steak  half crosswise and it froze them. We took half of this stakes to the refrigerator overnight and kept the other half frozen

We then stirred both sets of stakes on a hot skillet for ninety seconds per side and transfer them to a 275 degree oven

Until they’ve reached medium rare or 125 degrees and attract moisture loss we weigth each stake before and after cooking

Not surprisingly, the frozen steaks took longer to finish cooking in the oven but 18 to 20 minutes vs.  10-15 for the thawed  six but we did find to be surprising was at the process takes actually Brown in the skillet nearly as quickly as the thawed  steaks  most importantly though The frozen steak had a much thinner band of overcooked meat (known as a “gray band”) surrounding the pink interior than the thawed beef, too. We also found that these steaks  lost on average about 9 percent less moisture during cooking and when we  taste them

thawed steak versus frozen steak America's Test Kitchen

weaver for the cook from frozen steaks hands down so why does this work well a fully frozen steak is extremely cold in most freezers in about 20 degrees Fahrenheit that means that the meat below the surface has a long way to go before it gets overcoat or we can bring the exterior rapidly up to the very high temperatures we need for browning as to the difference in moisture loss we know that when meat is cooked to temperatures higher than 140 degrees its muscle fibers begin to shrink they squeeze out a significant amount of moisture as its speaker great man indicated the state could have been thought was moreover cupped around the edge so it also makes sense that it lost from moisture so how do we put all this good information to use

while we still prefer to start with a fresh take which will give us the best texture
when I have a brand new way to handle process six their few keys doing right if he simply packets take in a ziploc bag and freeze it any moisture is on the surface turns to find their ice when mistake it’s a hot oil pan ice not back to water causing serious battering and dangerous flare-ups to avoid this problem or freeze the stakes as flat as possible uncovered on a parchment-lined baking sheet misstep dries up the surface so we get less flattering as well as pastor browning what the stakes are fully frozen which depending on your freezer could be up to overnight wanna wrapped them in plastic wrap and a pop them in a ziploc bag for storage when it comes time to cook use enough oil to fill the skill added eat them in HD this is more oil than we would normally use but its urs too important functions one oil is better able to reach crevices and folds in the stakes may develop during freezing into more oil means we have a larger keepers there and faster temperature recovery when at the super cold stick to the pan so there you have it the best they got the freezer go every this is the science good cooking

If you thawed the steaks in the refrigerator, you’ve got some time. Steak that’s been defrosted in the fridge can be safely kept for an additional 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator before cooking

Smoky Bacon BBQ devilled eggs – video recipe

Devilled eggs are making a big comeback and comfort food reference all across
the country but you know the eggs are serving these days are not the ones our
grandma’s used to make
Today I’m going to jazz up this classic recipe and share
with you my version of smoky bacon BBQ devilled eggs
For more great barbecue side why not try my slow cook baked beans like potato
salad or macaroni salad

Gas Grill buying guide – 10 tips for buying a Gas Grill

gas grill

How to Buy Gas Grill like a pro?

When we choose to buy a Gas Grill that would suit our needs, there are several aspects and considerations that are not necessarily known to all buyeres especially if it is thier first barbecue

Only customer who “threw” one or two grills already are familiar with the feel of “what went wrong”. So here we are to give you our tips how to avoid our mistakes.

First and foremost – it is important to us to match the gas grill that we acquire to our needs and buy a grill with a perfect experience of grilling and a long-lasting barbecue experience

It is similar to when you choose a new car, you have to define whether it is a city car or a 4×4 monster road vehicle. The same go to grills – it is important to set a few answer yourself the following questions:

  • How many guests you typically have? are you a small family with a dog or, large bash of friends?
  •   Are you grilling once a week or only at Memorial and Independence Day?
  • Where to you plan to put the grill – at the backyard or narrow apartment balcony?
  • Budget – basically there are 4 prices ranges for gas grills – up to $250 which are smaller, less powerful and less resilient , between $250-450 – there are lot of variety but we must say it is many of them are not giving the right price-performance. above $450 – these are mainly good grills and the difference is with the different features. Above $1000 – these are premium grills and last long

Ten Commandments to the buyer: how to buy a gas grill smarter?

Gas Grill is for experts and buying a gas grill is for professionals

This guide was written by Victor Nash, a world expert in Grilling who prepared the 10 rules for the gas grill buyers


Gas Grill is the most efficient, short and accurate to prepare your meat (in comparison to wood-fueled and charcoal grills) . But, this stands only if you picked the right grill.

If you did not buy the right grill, your meat will be dark gray, bitter, singed from the outside and rare inside – not tasty and not healthy. Furthermore, if the constriction is not proper, all the fat will be piled up at the bottom, your grill will be always filthy even though you will clean it

So, the 10 rules and tips for buying a gas grill

Rule number 1 – the power of the gas grill/BBQ

People should know that there is no way to grill a steak with a gas grill who’s power is less than 100 BTU/square inches (that is 15 BTU/square cm for our Australians and Britons readers)

How do you do the calculation – you take the BTU and divide it by the size of the cooking area.

A numerical example – if you have a grill that gives 54000 BTU , and the area is 25.6″ x 17.3″ (that’s 65 cm x 44 cm) then you calculate 54000/(25.6 * 17.3) = 122 which is above our minimum standard.

(for metric system users that’s 54000/(65*44) = 18 which is above 15)

Infrared burners typically emit intense heat to sear and cook food so Please be noted that infrared burners have better heat dissipation, So grills with infrared burners can have a lower BTU/Area coefficient.

Rule number 2 – the size of the cooking area

The main factor in determining grill size is cooking area.

Cooking area is calculated in terms of square inches or square cm. The minimal cooking area you need for a family is 400 square inches (or around 68cm x 38 cm) and three burner gas grill should features 400-500 square inches of cooking area. People who use their five or six burners grills should have 5o0-6oo square inches of cooking area.

Rule number 3 – the grill’s footprint

In addition to cooking area, the footprint of a grill must be considered, mainly if you have limited storage room. Most barbecue grills have side shelves that can be displaces or collapsed. As safety concerns, the grill must sit 5-6 feet (2 meters) away from the house and other inflammable materials. you should ensure that your deck or patio can facilitate your new grill’s wingspan.

Rule number 4 – Grill’s fire color

The Grill’s fire color may impact the grilling performance – the color of the flame must be light blue without any red-yellow-orange spikes. Yellow flame means incomplete burn when part of the gas has only heated and not totally burnt. These kind yellow orange flames usually cause uncontrolled flare-ups that stick the meat and causes gray soot on it. When you have only blue flame, the burning process is complete.

Rule number 5 – Heat distribution

Uneven heat distribution is one of the major problems of grills, but you can lower your risks that your grill would have uneven heat distribution and inconsistent temperatures by the following tips

  • Check what it farthest point from your burners – a point above a feet (30 cm) will be cooler than required.
  • Grills with metal burner shield have better distribution of heat, even though the shield itself reduces the over all heat (see rule number 1)
  • High BTU Burner location – if the burner are too close to the surface, the heat will too focused and not distributed across the entire grid, if you have a grill with 5-7 high BTU burners which are too close you will need to put lava stones or ceramic rods to ensure better heat distribution

Rule number 6 – avoiding flare-ups

Flare-ups are usually caused by fat that drops onto the burners, in order to reduce the effect it is advised that the burner ports would be located on the sides of the burner, rather than the top it.

Other valid options – there are several type of grates that were designed to protect the burners from the drifting fat. Nonetheless, infrared burners are less sensitive to fat and generate less flare-ups



BBQ marinade for Kebeb – recipe


Grill your kebab this summer with the best kebab marinade

Kebabs are minced lamb meatball s with herbs, our two favorite styles are Turkish Kebab and Romanians Kebabs (called Mititey). There are other types of Kebabs, such as, Shami kebab from Pakistan and Chelo Kebab from Iran
Marinating kebabs is not only important for helping to develop a wonderful flavor, but also making the mix stick tougher.

BBQ marinade for Turkish style Kebab recipe

Combine the ingredients for the marinade :

  • 1 tablespoon Baharat (if you don’t have, use Cumin instead)
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1/4 cup fresh chopped parsley
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 1/2 cup white wine

Put it over the Kebabs and then for at least 8 hours in the fridge

BBQ marinade for Romania style Kebab recipe

  • 1 pound lamb meat, cut into 1 1/2-inch cubes
  • 1 ounce mixed chopped herbs (thyme, rosemary, parsley)
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger
  • 2 cloves crushed garlic
  • 3 ounces plain yogurt

BBQ marinade for chicken wings – the best recipes

BBQ marinade for chicken wings recipe

Chicken wings  marinade recipes : Spicy Wings, Sweet Wings, Salty wings  

Clipboard01If you need the best chicken wings marinade for grilling, you can always  rely on our all-star roundup of popular chicken wing recipes for creative BBQ lovers.

We have collected the best recipe for chicken wings marinades – they are even gluten-free
After preparation, place the chicken wings in a single layer in a wide, shallow, nonreactive dish. Pour the marinade over the chicken, cover with clingfilm and place in the fridge to marinate for 24 hours. After the night-over the chicken is ready for grilling.

Chicken wings marinade –  Jamie Oliver

Combine the ingredients for this honey – chili marinade Jamie Oliver style, also for nibbles:

5 spring onions, finely sliced
• 5 tbsp honey
• 2 tbsp soy sauce
• 1 red chili, sliced
• 1–2 cm ginger, grated
• 4–5 thyme sprigs, leaves picked

Spicy Chicken Wings Marinade

Combine the ingredients for the Spicy hot buffalo marinade:

  • 2/3 cup hot pepper sauce
  • 2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 tbsp. chili powder
  • 1 tsp. red pepper flakes
  • 1/2 cup cold unsalted butter
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons white vinegar
  • 1/4 teaspoon
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon
  • salt to taste

Asian Chicken Wings Marinade

This is an Overnight chicken Marinade
Combine the ingredients for the Asian marinade: 

  • 3 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons rice wine or sake
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1 teaspoon dried chile flakes or hot chile paste
  • 1 tablespoon virgin olive oil


Best Sweet Marinade for Chicken Wings

Combine the ingredients for the Sweet marinade:

  • 2 cups of brandy or  dry red wine or red grapefruit juice
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup cider
  • 4 scallions, sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon Turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated